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Tom Wikström

If you plan to keep your horse in regular exercise over the winter you’ll probably want to body clip him when his heavy winter coat grows in. Though it’s often an essential part of good horse management, clipping can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, I have you covered. 

Things worth thinking of when making a decision to Body Clip or not:

  • Do you work your horse in cold weather? If the answer is no, you probably don’t need to clip

  • Does your horse sweat when you work him in cold weather? If yes, clipping can decrease drying time and keep him from getting a chill.

  • Are you willing to blanket your horse? Blankets are a must for body clipped horses.

  • Does your horse live outside all winter? He might need his full hair coat to keep warm against the elements.

Having Body Clipped for years,

Your horses are in very experienced hands

As a professional body clipper I know how to make the process as smooth as ever possible for every horse. And for every horse owner for that matter as well. Being a first timer or a seasoned veteran, a sensitive horse or not, do not worry, there are steps we can take to insure a great result.


Get in touch with me and let me take it from there.

I individually plan and prepare every Body Clipping with You to ensure the best experience for You and Your horse(s).

Thank your for contacting us for Body Clipping consultation. We will get back to You as soon as ever possible.

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